Loveway church members are strongly encouraged to join in-reach and or outreach ministries upon joining the church and become involved in the work of ministry, in accordance with James 2:17 (NIV),

which states, “Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead…”


By actively participating in the ministry, one is positioned to help reach lost souls for Jesus Christ, while encouraging and enriching

the lives of other Christians through love works of benevolence (doing good).

Loveway has organized its church ministries into the following departments;

Love Youth Ministry,

Men & Women Ministry

Praise & Worship,

Loveway Intercession,

Christian Education; Loveway Academy,

Outreach; John Richard Ministries &

Marketing and Media


We are dedicated to extending the Gospel of Jesus Christ beyond the four walls of the church and reaching the world through these and other ministries.

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