Retain ready

November 19, 2014

Bible Text: Math.24: 4-44 |

Is Jesus really coming again? (P3)
A certain wealthy family decided to relocate from a city to an Island. They separated themselves from the city folks. Their reason was that Churchesmake noise in their ears on weekends. They deemed weekends as their days to make pleasure and celebrate their wealth. They had always invited their friends to a party at the beach every Sunday. They claimed Christians were poor and couldn't celebrate on Sundays so they went to Church. They lived on that Island for many years without any disaster and had forgot that they were surrounded by rivers. They had good weather forecasters, river and sea authorities that update them with any information about the weather and the water level. They also had good drainage system. It used to rain all the time but they always had weather updates prior to that. One day it rained heavily with storm throughout to the night. The weather forecasters could not predict that rain. The rivers flooded the Island. The heavy wind blew off all their boats to far shores. They were all drowned and died with the exception of their labourer. He did not sleep on the Island that night because every weekend he was not allowed as a poor man to join their celebration. He was only allowed to come in the night after the celebration. He went to Church that fateful Sunday and could not return to His rich masters. Beloved be wealthy but fear God! No one knows the future or the evil day! Nobody should deceive you or predict the date of Christ's coming! Read: Math.24: 4-44. Be ready always for the day of the Lord! Jesus said, “Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming. . . Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of man is coming at an hour you do not expect.” Math. 24:42, 44.
MEDITATION: Be prepared! Be a faithful servant! Math. 24:45-51.
DECLARATION: Dear LORD, help me (name) to be faithful to you in all the days of my life in Jesus Christ name!!!!!!!
PRAYER: As you declare, may the LORD secure your life and deliver you from the days of troubles in Jesus Christ name!!!!!!!

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